We are a Community.

What does that mean? Our family values quality time together, and we enjoy spending time outside. Because it’s fun to get outside with others, we began inviting people to join us on our adventures. We think everyone can benefit from time with others and from being outside, even if it’s in our own backyards.

The initial idea for this community started with a single gal who wanted to take families camping in 2012 and had lots of help, including this video, from a team of volunteers! Currently, she gets to run North Texas Kids Outside (NTKO) with her family.

Above all, we are volunteers and lead this group as a hobby because we believe quality time and being outside is important. Learn more about the family behind NTKO (coming soon).

We want to get quality time back on your calendar!

Sometimes we visit a local park, nature center, or museum. Other times we go swimming, hiking, or kayaking. We host events geared towards teaching outdoor skills, like dutch oven cooking, how to start a fire, and navigation with a compass. Each year we go camping and may include tents, hotel rooms, cabins, or glamping at resorts!

You don’t need any kind of experience to join us outside.

All you need is curiosity and willingness to spend time with others. We’ll plan the rest and you can just show up! You can join our subscribe to our newsletter where we send activity ideas, resources, suggestions, and event details.

You don’t need to have a family to join us, either!

Want to hang out with others and get some sunshine, try a new skill, or eat a good meal outside? We’d love to meet you!

We try to plan events that are free or have a very low-cost.

Cost should not be a barrier to getting outside. Sometimes there may be an entrance fee to a location or we may ask you to contribute a couple dollars for materials we’ll use at the event (e.g., plaster to make animals tracks, paint to do fish prints, or ingredients for dutch oven cooking).

Camping trips only cost $25 per site (up to 6 people) through our community partnership with Texas Outdoor Family. This price is only available to members of North Texas Kids Outside and TOF has public prices on their site. You can decide what events you want to join and all costs will be made available to you on the event calendar descriptions before you RSVP.

Our event calendar is where you will find all event details!

To be transparent, we really don’t enjoy being on social media so you’re not going to see much about our events there. However, all event details are posted on our calendar and we keep it private to protect the safety of our members and youth participants. It’s free to join!

How can you get involved?

It is FREE to join our community. We ask you to register to get access to private areas of our site, like our calendar. Just fill out our registration form under “JOIN US” at the top.

The information we collect when you join:

  • is used for camping registrations with Texas Outdoor Family (TOF)
  • is used to plan for events so we have adequate space and materials
  • will only be viewable to the NTKO Leaders and yourself when you login
  • will not be shared or sold with anyone outside of NTKO and TOF

When you register you will get:

  • access to our private calendar to view all events
  • the ability to RSVP for events
  • added to our NTKO Newsletter for activity ideas, special events, and reminders

Our goals are based on the work of Richard Louv and the Children and Nature Network – to connect children to nature. We were also inspired by Outdoor Nation and the Natural Leaders Network.

What can you expect?

Check out some of the places where we typically camp outside and visit each year:

What are others saying about NTKO?

Hear from the families who have camped and attended events outside with us!