ENO DoubleNest Hammock and SlapStrap PRO Review

We received an ENO DoubleNest Hammock and the SlapStrap PRO straps as a wedding gift from a friend that works for the state parks! I have never been more excited to try something out. This is an initial review, as we’ve only tried this hammock in our backyard.


According to the ENO website, here are some specs:

DoubleNest Hammock:

  • made with breathable, quick-drying Nylon,
  • made with triple-stitched seams,
  • fitted with aluminum carabiners attached to the hammock itself
  • rated up to a 400lb capacity
  • has a compression stuff sack attached to the hammock
  • Folded dimensions (in stuff sack) – [Diameter x Length] [4 in x 5 in]
  • Unfolded dimensions – [Length x Width] [9 ft 4 in x 6 ft 2 in]
  • Weight – 20 oz.

ENO SlapStraps PRO:

  • made with .75″ tubular nylon webbing
  • each strap supports 200 lbs (400lb capacity)
  • Dimensions – [Length x Width] [9 ft 4 in x .75 in]
  • Weight – 4 oz.
This hammock and straps can be used for the backyard, while camping, and when backpacking. We plan to take it on our next camping trip to test both the hammock and the straps we received. But first, we had to try it in the backyard.
When we first opened the hammock, I was so excited to see that the compression sack was actually attached to the hammock. This makes for one less item to keep track of before, during, and after camping. The straps came separately in their own bag, and honestly, we haven’t used these yet. I could not figure out how to use them and get them around the tree. Now that I’ve come inside, I found this video on ENO’s site that explains everything. Pretty efficient and makes me feel a little less than smart. I’ll update this section when I actually use them. As far as the bag being separate, I think I could stow it in the hammock stuff sack during use, so we wouldn’t lose it at camp.
We have two hooks on our pine trees from the previous owners of our home. I set up the hammock using those hooks and the carabiners that are already attached to the hammock. Another genius idea to keep people from losing pieces! Our trees aren’t very far apart, so this hindered how comfortable it was in the hammock. Below you’ll see my Cro-Magnon man looking like an uncomfortable pupae.
We need more space between our trees.
We need more space between our trees.
"Dad, I know you're busy and all...but is it dinner time yet?"
“Dad, I know you’re busy and all…but is it dinner time yet?”
He turned the opposite way we usually lay in hammocks and the DoubleNest is just big enough that he could lay comfortably with his legs up. Our dog Arnold enjoys anything that allows him to nap without being on the ground. He’s definitely a glamper.
Me and my favorite 4-legged friends
Me and my favorite 4-legged friends

Being only 5’3″, it was easy and comfortable for me to lay perpendicular to the length of the hammock. I was able to stretch out completely and enjoyed swaying back and forth, listening to the sound of the birds. This hammock implies that two people can lay together, as long as the combined weight doesn’t exceed 400 lbs, but Cro-Magnon and I didn’t even want to try. We both like our space…and we exceed the limit. 

A welcome view after a long day at work/school.
A welcome view after a long day at work/school.
Teddy could definitely lay with me, though! Doesn't he look like a little piglet?
Teddy could definitely lay with me, though! Doesn’t he look like a little piglet?

My final verdict:


-easy to set up and take down once you figure out the straps
-packs down very small
-lots of colors (over 20 to choose from on the ENO site)
-the nylon is pretty thin and you can feel the wind come through (we’ll use a blanket as it gets colder)
-the straps don’t come with instructions, so if you’re not intuitive (like I wasn’t) you may need to watch a video first
Overall, we’re really happy with this wonderful and thoughtful gift!
I have been seeing so many good things about these hammocks and I’m excited we get to add this to our gear collection!

What’s your favorite piece of outdoor gear?


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