Families Outside: Inspired in Denver, CO

Outside in Denver, CO

This past weekend in Denver, Colorado a group of about 65 young people met to discuss ways that we can reconnect our peers and other generations to the outdoors, including getting families outside. At the Outdoor Nation Denver Summit, high school students, college students, young adults, and professionals came together with a mission to engage, empower, and energize the millenial generation to unplug and GTFO (get the fun outside)!

A highlight of this trip was meeting so many individuals with a love of getting outside. We came from different backgrounds, some rural and some urban, but we all agreed that getting outside means just that…GETTING OUTSIDE. You can get outside in your back yard, a local park, on top of a 14,000 ft peak, or in a state park. In fact, we did yoga in Chatfield State Park, CO with the Rocky Mountains in the background. Wherever you live, you can get outside. Our goal for North Texas Kids Outside is to get families motivated and engaged.

Getting Families Outside Together

We want to take families outside to go camping and show them how FUN it can be, but also how it can bring their family together, give them a healthy alternative to video games and indoor activities, and help them gain basic skills they can keep using as they grow together.

We want families outside to explore, to teach their kids about the outdoors, and to enjoy being together.

Do you know someone that would like to go camping? Have then JOIN US, today!

We do more than just camp with families outside. We also visit local parks, splash pads, aquariums, zoos, and stay in hotels! Our community is not limited to families. We welcome ALL people who want to spend quality time outside or try a new skill.  Our calendar is private to protect the privacy of our members, however we are FREE to join!

Thank You

I’d like to give a HUGE shout-out and THANK YOU to MERRELL for sponsoring me to attend the summit. They gave me a new pair of hiking boots, some new, warm & comfy clothes, and the confidence to share my experiences with Outdoor Nation. You guys truly empower people to get outside and I’m so blessed to have had such a great opportunity!

What do you do like to do outside? 

Tell us what makes your family special!
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