Guest Post: Champurrado – A Mexican, hot chocolate drink for camping or at home!

This recipe and guest post is from my great friend, Val. She is a Momma, student, wife, and all-around go-getter. She values the outdoors and spoils her family with delicious recipes made with love. Go check out her Pinterest Page for more ideas! Thanks for sharing! Feliz Dia de los Muertos!



One of my favorite Mexican drinks is Champurrado. Champurrado is a Mexican, chocolate-y, THICK(or not so thick) hot drink. Once the temperatures start to drop in West Texas, my grandma would always bring out her big pot and make batches of Champurrado weekly. Stuck in Central Texas and in freezing weather(okay it’s only 48 degrees, but I’m from the desert! Can you blame me?) I decided, Champurrado would make a perfect pair with breakfast this morning.

You only need a handful of ingredients:

Mexican Chocolate(2 round disks) Alternatively, you can also use a Bakers Semi Sweet Bar!
Cloves(enough to fill a tea basket)
3 Cinnamon sticks
1 cup Corn Flour(Masa Harina)
1 block Piloncillo(Or enough brown sugar to sweeten)
8 cups Water


You’ll want to start off by boiling your cinnamon sticks and cloves. This is the best part. The boiled cloves and cinnamon will make your work station smell like Autumn.

Picture 1

Once it starts to turn a beautiful, deep red it’s time to toss in the piloncillo!

picture 2

Once the piloncillo has dissolved, toss in two disc’s of Mexican chocolate, or your entire bar of semi sweet baker’s chocolate. You’ll want it to melt completely, leaving behind tiny specks of chocolate throughout and noticeable at the surface.

picture 3

picture 3.1

Slowly whisk in 1 cup of corn flour(3/4 cup if you want is less thick)  1/4 cup at a time.

picture 4

 Once all the corn flour has dissolved and mixed complete, serve and enjoy warm!

picture 5

picture 6

picture 7

 P.S. Champurrado travels well and reheats great!

Perfect for this weekend or overnight camping adventures! 🙂

last picture


What are your favorite drinks to sip on a chilly night?

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9 thoughts on “Guest Post: Champurrado – A Mexican, hot chocolate drink for camping or at home!

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      Mary Robbins

      Ok, I tried this awhile ago, and I didnt have one of those tea baskets so I just eyeballed it and tossed the whole cloves in the pot. In hind sight, I should have just used ground cloves, but I guess I thought I could fish them out at the end or something. Not so, not so. Anyway, mine turned out way too “clovey.” Also, when I put the corn flour in I couldn’t get the clumps out. In hind sight (again), I should have taken some of the water from the pot and made a slurry with the corn flour in a separate cup — then poured it into the main pot. Anyway, I want to try this again to see if I can get it right.

      • Victoria
        Victoria Post author

        I am so glad you tried it! I will ask my friend for comments and suggestions and get back to you! Thanks for trying it 🙂

      • Victoria
        Victoria Post author

        Hi Mary. Here is the response from my friend about the Champurrado

        “A slurry is a perfect substitute instead of just tossing it in little by little (also a recommended way if you don’t have the extra hands for it). My grandma, the pro, still gets clumps occasionally, so don’t be discouraged! She ends up running it through a mesh colander if it doesn’t meet her silky smooth expectations. As for the clove, I would definitely not do the powder. Stick with the whole cloves but try 1-3 pieces of whole clove instead. I tend to stay away from powered variations for a few reasons, the main one being taste. Once ground, clove will lose its taste immediately. I hope you’re not discouraged and try making champurrado again, especially if you’re a victim of this recent polar vortex!! :)”

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