Hike the Greenbelt Corridor in Denton County


2020 Update:

Unfortunately, this section of the Greenbelt remains closed indefinitely due to substantial amounts of rainfall and flooding the area has experienced each year since 2015. 

After work this Halloween, my dogs and I took an hour walk along the Greenbelt Corridor trail. The muti-use trail extends from the Ray Roberts Lake Dam to Lake Lewisville and contains about 20 miles of trail for hiking, biking, and equestrian use. The equestrian trail is about 12 miles and the hiking/biking trail is about 10-11 miles. The trail is managed by Texas Parks and Wildlife.

There are 3 main access points for the trail:
  • FM 455 access near Ray Roberts Lake State Park
  • FM 428 access
  • US 380 access, east of Denton
Each access point has a canoe launch, restrooms, and parking. There are also picnic tables where you can have a lunch or dinner with friends or family! It is about 6.5 miles from the US 380 access point to the FM 428 access point and another 4.5 miles from FM 428 to FM 455.




The cost to visit the trail is the same as a day pass at Ray Roberts State Park, which is $7 per person. If you have an annual state park pass, all you need to do is display your window hanger showing you have a pass. Then, you can visit every day for the entire year!

The great thing about this trail is that it is relatively easy and level, allowing for all ages and abilities to enjoy the outdoors. We began at the US 380 access point and walked for about 30 minutes, covering about 2 miles. I am trying to work with Teddy so he doesn’t pull me down the trail, so we had a leisurely walk. It’s such a beautiful time of year when the leaves are beginning to change color and fall from the trees. We walked along with no obstacles in our path, except that I would stop to bask in the peace.


We passed a runner along the trail, but other than that we saw nothing except for some birds, bugs, and a train! If you have young children who don’t yet cover long distances, this hike would be a great start for them. There are some many things to see and they can sit and listen to the wind blowing through the trees if they need a break.

I also got to break-in the Merrell sneakers I received by attending an Outdoor Nation summit!


Here are some resources about the Greenbelt and a map from TPWD:
Trails of Denton County – Greenbelt
North Texas Greenbelt Trails
Greenbelt Alliance


A warning, beware of poison ivy, which is found in the region. If you don’t remember what it looks like, here’s a picture below. Remember, leaves of three, let them be and don’t touch! As long as you stay on the trail and watch where your children, yourself, or your dogs are walking, you should be fine!

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