Hiking the Randy Bell Scenic Trail

Randy Bell Scenic Trail near Hawthorn Area

Yesterday, on National Take a Hike Day, my Teddy and I spent some quality time together hiking the Randy Bell Scenic Trail in Ray Roberts State Park – Isle du Bois Unit.

We bond by hiking and he’s learning to listen to me, at least until a squirrel or deer cross the trail ahead of us. This trail makes a 2.2 mile loop near the central part of the Isle du Bois unit. I parked in the Hawthorn camping area, but there is also a trail head near the Wild Plum Area entrance.

The trail is on a concrete path and goes up and down just a few feet in elevation, but overall is a very easy hike. During this time of year the trees are beginning to take on a beautiful array of colors as Texas makes up its mind about whether or not it is autumn yet.



While on the trail you will pass by 4 of the 5 camping areas in the park. You’ll also cross the main park roads. The trail has several benches and water spigots along the route, so if you have little ones or a dog like I did, you can stop and make sure they have enough to drink. Click HERE for the map from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. 


As we were walking along, I witnessed something very beautiful. Among the golden and red colors and falling leaves, a mother and her son sat on a log, just off of the trail with her back to hikers and runners. She was breastfeeding him and her view was of the prairie grasses and post oak trees. What a fantastic way to bond with a child! While we don’t have kids yet, we look forward to the days when we take our family hiking and camping. For all you Moms that share a love of the outdoors with your kiddos, keep getting outside!




This trail is popular and you’re bound to see people walking, running, and biking, especially since the trail makes a loop through the campsites. We also came across a group of does as we were beginning and ending the hike. Make sure your pets are on a leash! Not only for their safety, but because it is required in the park.

Day Visit Fee: $7
A State Park Pass gets you and anyone in your car unlimited, free access to any state park in Texas.
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This trail is worth a view!

Do you have any hikes you’d like to share with us?

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  1. Mason's Mama

    Remind me where Ray Roberts State Park is? I know I have heard of it and have maybe been there. Looks like a nice place that we may need to visit soon! Great pictures!

  2. Amanda Coers

    Gorgeous pics! 🙂 And I love that you spotted a breastfeeding mom – that’s always a blessing. Loved reading this!

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