Mother’s Day at Cooper Lake State Park

We had the privilege of sponsoring the Turner Family for a Mother’s Day weekend at Cooper Lake State Park with Texas Outdoor Family. One of the Turner girls was kind enough to write about her experience with her family. Read about it below and show them some love in the comments! For more pictures, visit the Texas Outdoor Family Facebook Page.

Our Mother’s Day camping trip at Cooper Lake was our first time camping at a state park and on Mother’s Day. I loved our camping trip because my grandma got to come. She doesn’t really like camping nor has she done it before but she came out to be with us. We had so much fun. Geo-cashing and kayaking where great. Geo-cashing was more of like a hunt. Kayaking was muddy waters but a good work out and my grandmas first time doing it.

My favorite activity was listening to the sounds of the night group. We found a scorpion there while listening to the teachers and learned that it turns neon when it’s put under black light. While camping out we had a fire and at night when doing the marshmallows there was a raccoon that came up to our area from the woods.

My younger brother got a junior outdoor camping badge and we got a cool bag with stuff in it like reusable water containers. The next day we stayed longer to enjoy the lake where we got to see killdeer birds nest on the ground with eggs in it and tons of bird feathers all over the lake shore that we tried identifying.

I think this was the perfect weekend to camp outdoors because during the day it was hot and at night it was cold so you could sleep really well bundled up. Over all it was fun to be with our family and just have a good time outdoors while learning new things.

Natalia Turner 11 years old.

May 20, 2013

We think it looked like a perfect way to spend Mother’s Day, Natalia!

Do any of you have fond memories of a great Mother’s Day? Do you have any traditions?

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