Old Wooden Windows turned into DIY Shabby Chic Picture Frames

I’m still not too sure what shabby chic means, but when Cro-Magnon and I saw some old wooden windows laying on the curb, we knew exactly where we could hang them in our house! I’m always so thankful that we both share an admiration for items we find on the curb or in thrift stores.

Our Kitchen
We were visiting my cousin and as we pulled onto her street, we saw them laying on the curb at her neighbor’s house, waiting to be thrown into the garbage truck. The glass panes were covered with goop and old stickers, so Cro-Magnon cleaned them using a razor blade and rubbing alcohol. He knows these tips from working with his Dad in the graphics and sticker business.

We decided not to strip the old paint and give it a new, fresh coat because we liked the worn & aged look. He bought a picture hanging kit, able to support at least 40 pounds just in case, and added the hangers to each corner of each frame. Then, we used double-sided tape to tape our pictures to the frames.
Finally, we measured out where they would go on the wall and hung them up! I found a letter “S” at Hobby Lobby and he used my favorite turquoise spray paint to get it ready to hang. We just stapled some rope to the back. We had to trim the staples and push them in by hand/hammer because they were originally too long. Super glue didn’t work. Turned out really great and I’m very happy about the results!
All of the pictures we used are from places we’ve traveled. You can read about them under Trip Reports.
What You’ll Need:
  • wooden window frames
  • rubbing alcohol
  • razor blades
  • spray bottle
  • picture hanging-kit (able to hold at least 40 pounds each)
  • drywall screws  with wall anchors
  • measuring tape
  • level
  • pencil
  • drill
  • double-sided tape
  • awesome pictures
Steps We Took:
  1. Clean and dust the frames. Use the rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to spray the goop and stickers (if any) and use the razor blade to scrape off the residue. Clean with a paper towel.
  2. Attach the picture hanging kit to the top two corners of each frame. Measure each frame to make sure your picture will hang level when it’s on the wall.
  3. Measure your wall to determine where you want the pictures to hang. Make small marks on the wall, drill holes for your anchors, and drill in your screws.
  4. Using small pieces of double-sided tape, attach your pictures to the panes so that the picture is behind the glass. Cro-Magnon did this while I cooked dinner. He put four pieces of tape, one in each corner, on the front of the picture and pressed it on the glass.
  5. Hang your frames and marvel in your success!
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