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Gumption Gear Review LogoGumption Gear Review shares reviews, insight, and knowledge about the products and gear that fuel outdoor activities and adventures. They provide thoughtful, but more importantly honest gear reviews about products that range from water bottles, helmets, clothing, and gadgets. Some of the brands they’ve reviewed include: Chaco, Columbia, Hi-Tec, KEEN, Patagonia, Vapur, Icebreaker, and LifeProof. They have reviewed many, many items that are sure to fit the lifestyle of the urban adventurer, casual outdoor activity-seeker, and the hardcore adventurer.

I came across their page when searching for some picture inspiration on Instagram. Check out @gumptiongear for some great pictures! In today’s age of being able to stalk follow folks and brands on social media, I connected to their Facebook page and noticed they had a contest going on where they were giving away 3 boxes of Outdoor Retailer swag! And one of the boxes was going to contain a coupon for a FREE pair of KEEN shoes. To enter, I think I had to say what my favorite thing was to do outside. My answer will always be: teach science, camp, and kayak.

My first time at Outdoor Retailer with the Outdoor Nation Leadership Council
My first time at Outdoor Retailer with the Outdoor Nation Leadership Council

I had no idea what Outdoor Retailer, or OR for short, was until I got involved with Outdoor Nation. It’s a HUGE trade show that happens twice a year in Salt Lake City, Utah. All of the outdoor brands, distributors, and companies get together to party, showcase their new items, and make connections. I also learned that each afternoon, the booths close up for business and the beer starts to flow. How cool is that? I got to attend as part of the Outdoor Nation Leadership Council last summer and my mind was blown. I got some neat samples, some new socks for Cro-Magnon , and a new outlook on how the outdoor industry is a community that genuinely wants people to get outside, for more reasons than just profit. The industry is full of happy people who care about others and know that getting outside is good for our health, wellness, sanity, intelligence, and sense of community.

Les Stroud Survior Man sang at the Outsider's Ball and I got to hug him. He said he loved to make boyfriends jealous. CroMagnon was thrilled! We watch Survivor Man all the time!!
Les Stroud Survior Man sang at the Outsider’s Ball and I got to hug him. We watch Survivor Man all the time!!

Outdoor Nation has opened my eyes to adventure and getting outside. They also allowed me to meet and hug Les Stroud. One of the best days of my life and CroMagnon was in disbelief! With my quest to seek adventure outside, I also acquired an addiction for outdoor gear! I love packs and bags the most! Even as I sit and type this I’m sitting outside in our backyard, taking a break from typing out bits and pieces of my dissertation chapters. I’ve been outside all day, which helps me deal with the fact that research doesn’t just write itself. 

So anyways, Gumption Gear Review is awesome and it’s a place to go to find real people testing products and giving their opinions on what works and what doesn’t. I used to not read reviews about products. I’d just spend money on something and hope it worked. Then, Cro-Magnon came into my life. He’s all about getting the most effective results with the least amount of energy expenditure. He reads reviews…on everything. When I wanted a new pocket knife, he had a list of reviews I needed to read before purchasing. It helps!

I ended up being 1 of the 3 winners for the Outdoor Retailer swag boxes and am SUPER EXCITED to try my new goodies!! And, I also got the lucky box that had the coupon for a FREE pair of KEEN shoes. Cro-Magnon doesn’t have a pair of hiking boots and I am always the giving type, but I LOVE KEEN, so I may have to keep the coupon this time. I bought my first pair of KEEN Newports in 2008 when I started teaching science outdoors and my classroom was the Llano River. Those turquoise and yellow darlings are still my favorite water shoes and are holding up just fine. Still undecided on the coupon. We’ll see who gets the new pair 😉  Check out the awesomeness below.

Gumption-Gear-Review-Swag-Box  gumption-gear-review-card

Keen-shoes  vapur-after-hours-wine-carrier

Thank you again Gumption Gear Review for your generosity and willingness to share the items you got from the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market! Also, a HUGE THANK YOU to the companies who graciously provided the items! I am so excited about the KEEN shoes and can’t wait to put the Vapur After Hours Wine Carrier to the test. I’m not a big drinker, but be nice to celebrate after a day of hiking and kayaking this Spring and Summer.

Check out Gumption Gear Review on Instagram and Twitter @gogumption and follow me, too! Find out which KEEN shoes I chose in the coming weeks! I’m @bienadventuretx.

Do you have any gear that you absolutely love?


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    Thanks for the shout out! Glad to know that you’re enjoying the outdoors swag, and more importantly we honored to be connected with you and your adventures! We hope that you’re able to put it all to some good use in the coming weeks and months. Happy adventuring!

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      Victoria Post author

      So very excited! Thank you and looking forward to more reviews!

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