REI Gives Bienvenido Adventure Personalized Gift Recommendations!

On December 4th, REI posted a picture of Sasquatch on their Facebook page and asked readers to post their #REIGifts questions in the comments section.

My Cro-Magnon man loves gifts and I’m a pretty bad gift giver. Side note…still not sure why I call my husband that? Because I think any other word like hubby, hubs, honey, dear, is just lame. Fiance was the worst. I’m glad we had a quick engagement because having to say that word always made me cringe. It sounds so uppity and snooty. He’s strong and handsome and Cro-Magnon just sounds cooler.

Anyway, I love giving things, don’t get me wrong, but I am just too practical sometimes. To me a great gift is a tank of gas, an oil change, ammunition, new underwear, or a new toothbrush. Haha. Ok, I’m not THAT bad…all the time.

I thought it’d be fun to ask REI for a suggestion for my Cro-Magnon man.
Here’s what I wrote:
“My husband spent lots of time adventuring 
outdoors while in the Navy. I want to get him 
something that will fuel his manly military side 
while we adventure around Texas. Would love any ideas!” 
The response I got was AWESOME! I learned about REI in 2010 and have been impressed with them from the start. But this, this was just over the top & a great way to connect with their consumers. Usually small businesses are the ones where you can expect personal recommendations and the like, but this big company did a great job of reaching out to myself and hundreds of others. Watch it now!

I will only ever recommend things on this blog, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest if I really feel strongly about how great they are and I think you all can benefit from knowing about them! REI is an outdoors store where you can get anything you can imagine for your outdoor adventures, whether they be a picnic at the local park or a summit up Mt. Everest. If you’re a wine drinker, they even have plastic wine glasses you can take on a camping trip for a romantic evening 🙂 I can spend hours in that store, literally.

You can become a member for $20 (one cost for lifetime membership) and that entitles you to great discounts, dividends (which is like cash-back), and access to REI garage sales where you can gear for about 80-90% off! Maybe I’ll write a post on that later. That’s where I’ve got most of my gear and it’s held up really well.

REI, you’ve got a member for life! Cro-Magnon and I cracked up at the review and you guys were spot on. He’s got that knife on his wishlist.

Have you ever been really impressed by a large company or brand? 

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4 thoughts on “REI Gives Bienvenido Adventure Personalized Gift Recommendations!

  1. Alvina Castro

    hmmm Honestly I dont think i have had such a moment that i connected with a large company. Small companies I can name a few but not a big one yet.

    • Bienvenido Adventure

      Thanks for stopping by. I didn’t think that I would ever even be noticed by a big company, but this was pretty cool, even if they have no idea who I am. I am definitely a supporter of buying local, though! Love your crafts on your blog 🙂

  2. Mary Robbins

    Ha! They totally made a video for you! That’s super cool. REI is to me what Costco is to everyone else. I never walk out of there without at least $100 worth of stuff.

    • Victoria
      Victoria Post author

      We were both shocked and excited that they would do that! THey are a great store. I always find another thing that I “need” when I go 🙂

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