Taking a Break. See you outside, soon!

WindowTaking a break from blogging and social media has been on my mind for a while. Social media has many benefits, such as networking opportunities, contests and giveaways, news, updates, and funny memes. It keeps some of us connected and others of us disconnected from real life. I’m falling more towards the later of the two these days.

Lately, I have been reluctant to post to social media outlets because I just haven’t had the time to post quality content. And really, what is the point of just putting something up for the sake of putting it up? Quality over quantity. Also, I am managing social media accounts for work and it’s been tough trying to balance the personal with the professional. I get so sucked into to quality content for my work topics, such as water conservation, that I begin to fall behind on my other passion, the outdoors! Those of you who manage your personal accounts with work and other endeavors are awesome! Have some tips on how to be better at both? Send them my way, please!

Did I also mention that I’m busting my butt to write my dissertation? The light is at the end of the tunnel and I most definitely have to finish. This part of the PhD journey is frustrating because I haven’t been getting outside as much as I would like. When I finish, my reward is taking a kayak trip with Cro-Magnon Man where we will camp on the bank of a river and gaze up at the stars.

So, I’m taking a break. As of now, I’m not sure when I will be back. When I do come back, though, I hope to have a more clear mind, some sun-tanned skin, and a few more kayak trips crossed off my adventure list. I also plan to begin putting the gear library we’ve been building to good use. We hope to host more outdoor events with North Texas Kids Outside and possibly rent gear for very low prices. While I may be on break, my mind never turns off 😉


Thank you to everyone who has ever read this blog, interacted with me through social media, or joined me on a real-life adventure. Thank you, again.

Please continue to browse around, check out trip reports, recipes, state parks, and DIY projects!

Hope to see you soon, and more importantly, see you outside!

2 thoughts on “Taking a Break. See you outside, soon!

  1. Helen- Life in Random Bits

    Good luck with the dissertation! Sometimes, you just have to step back and focus on what’s most important at the moment. I’ve taken several of those breaks and it’s always good for prioritizing and seeing what’s really important. Hope all goes well!

    • bienadventuretx
      bienadventuretx Post author

      Thank you for that encouragement, Helen. I hope this break brings me back refreshed and ready to get back into the online world, with some new experiences to write about!

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