The Zuniga Family-Camping Experience at Lake Mineral Wells State Park

I would like to start off by saying thank you for an amazing experience. For my family this was the first time camping. It was something that we had been trying to get done for a while, but had not found extra cash and time to do it.

We met at an outside activity at a local park. I remember you and your team had a tent set up. You guys were making s’mores. “Which were great”. That day you explained that you had a contest with the opportunity to win a camping trip with everything provided. So we entered and to our surprise a couple of months later we received a call from you to invite us camping. My family was eager to attend.
On April 12 we got to attend a special two night workshop at Lake Mineral Wells. When we arrived at the park we were greeted by the park rangers. They gave us a demonstration of the camping equipment and how to set up a tent.  Being our first time all this information was extremely helpful. Everything we needed was provided, which was also a great help.

The next morning we had a day full of activities. We started off with geocaching, an activity my daughter and I loved. Then we were off to rock climbing. At first my husband and I believed it was going to be one of those “fake” rocks, but to our surprise it was the real deal. Jaime enjoyed it so much and being his first time he did a great job climbing all the way to the top. He even mentioned doing it more often as a sport.

After lunch we went fishing. This is one of Jaime’s favorite outdoor activities. I noticed that our nephew Adrian and my daughter Jocelyn enjoyed it just as much. They were so excited when they both caught a fish.

Our last activity for the day was Kayaking. My sister, Margarita, and Jaime really enjoyed it. I got to try it, but got sea sick. I guess it’s not my thing. So I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon watching them have fun and the kids playing in the sand building sand castles and looking for shells.

We really appreciate the opportunity to experience all this activities and the fact that all the equipment was provided. Thank you for the guidance from you and the park rangers throughout the activities.

It was such a wonderful weekend. Thank you Victoria, Texas Outdoor Family, and the park rangers for making it possible. Special thanks to you Victoria. It is great to meet people who are so caring for others. Without your help we wouldn’t have been able to go camping. We will definitely keep in touch and hope to go camping again soon.

-Y. Zuniga

Thank you, Zuniga Family, for joining us for a camping trip and for letting us be a part of your lives for the weekend. You have a beautiful, fun family and NTKO hopes you continue spending time outside, together!
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