What NTKO has done this year

What a year it has been! At this time last summer our North Texas Kids Outside team was beginning to plan the camping trips we would take with 16 families. We would take families camping during Texas Outdoor Family workshops at state parks near DFW.

Lake Mineral Wells Workshop – November 11-12, 2012
Can you tell we had fun??

These are some of things we’ve accomplished since the 2012 Outdoor Nation Austin Summit:

  • Spent over 150 hours outside
  • Served 83 people, with 64% being Millenials under the age of 28
  • Held 5 events at 3 different state parks
  • Made new friendships with group members and the families
  • Learned how to cook over an open flame for 20-25 people (I’m pretty proud of this because my skills in the kitchen are less than awesome)
  • Became novice rock climbers, fishermen and women, kayakers, geocachers, and dutch oven masters!
  • Gained a greater appreciation for the outdoors and its positive effect on our mood, health, and interest in going on more adventures in our neighborhood and the world at large!
I am so thankful to have been on such a great team. David, Omar, Jenlyn, Duong, and Jake are the coolest people and have made NTKO a success. I am deeply grateful for Cassie, Lisa, Phillip, Ky, and the team from Texas Outdoor Family. They were willing to allow us to partner with them to take the families we recruited to the workshops they held during the 2012-2013 season. They gave us scholarships to help with costs and were always willing to work with our unique situations.
We all learned so much about camping because of Texas Outdoor Family and I strongly urge you all to sign up for a workshop. They just announced their Fall 2013 workshop dates! 
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